Terms and conditions for Qigong lessons at Mu-Long

2 hour classes: €15,- or 12 classes in a 12 week period for €150,-

1 hour classes : €10,- or 12 classes in a 12 week period for €100,-

- Students train on a fixed day every week. Be there except when you are sick, have family issues or in case of emergencies.

- Students can catch up missed classes any day within the 12 week period after you bought the course.

- Continuity is very important in Qigong so I advice all students to attent a class at least once a week.

- Cancel lessons at least 24 hours in advance, please.

- A timely cancellation gives me  the chance to fill your place with another student on the waiting list

- You can join multiple classes in a week when you bought a 12 week course. Obviouisly only when a class is not sold out yet. Online classes are always accesible.

- As long as you continue to attend my qigong classes without periods of absence prices will not increase for you.

- Advanced classes are only for students who have gained expieence in gong exercises. You're welcome when you have practiced Qigong, Taji, Yoga or any form of martial arts.

- The highly advanced group on thursday morning is for students who performed at least two gongs of Zhi Neng Qigong exercises.


Your information will not be passed on to third parties.