What is Qigong?

Chi Neng qigong is a form of moving meditation from China. Chi Neng Qigong
(or usually spelled Zhi Neng Qigong) is aimed at the modern human and was
presented to the world in the early nineteen eighties by Dr. Pang Ming.

Dr Pang Ming is a physician in both western and traditional Chinese medicine.

Chi Neng Qigong was widely tested by Chinese scientists and deemed the most
effective but also most easy to learn of all Gong-forms.

Practising Qigong enhances the flow of Qi in the body. Qi is the bio electromagnetic
energy of the body. As a result stress is reduced, mental and physical health improves,
levels of concentration are enhanced, stamina is raised and creative energy is abundant.

CNQ is suitable for people of all ages. Since the movements don’t require much
leniency or strong muscles CNQ is ideal for older people. But juveniles and
even children (from 8 years on) will benefit from these practices.

So get acquainted with the soft and fluent movements of Chi Neng Qigong and
experience it’s ability to calm your mind, regain your health and discover
hidden capabilities.

Zhi Neng Qigong literally means: a practice to reach your full potential (as
a human being). Your body and especially your mind is capable of so much more
than you can imagine, but nowadays gets distracted all the time by the constant
tatter of (useless) information pounding on our senses. Technologies, manufactured
foods, poison and so on make the mind and body lazy, and ultimately ridden with

Modern man has lost a lot of his capacities in the past ages. He lost his
sense of letting his mind and body be as one and his connection with nature.
Because of that his capabilities are pushed to the background and become hidden.
Qigong helps regain these capacities.

Chi Neng Qigong level 1 is a series of 4 exercises which are all aimed at
reconnecting the mind and body and becoming one as a holistic unit.

We will practice the ‘Lift Chi up, pour Chi down’ basic exercise, the powerful
standing meditation of 3 centres merge, the miraculously simple wall squats
that tackles any form of physical problem and the most spiritual exercise of
Sway La Qi.

A short introduction in the Hun Yuan Qi theory: “all matter, both organic and anorganiic consists of energy and has its own force field. Dead matter force is static but living matter exchanges an energy flow with its surroundings and the universe. Humans and animals eat, drink and inhale oxygen, but also exchange another form of energy. This energy is called Qi (or Chi). One does this unconsciously but with Qigong practice you start doing this consciously and that enhances both the strength and the quality of the Chi exchange. Chi directs itself towards where on you focus and this practice will result in the ability to direct Chi towards your body and mind.

Leen Steen is a Chi Neng Qigong instructor certified by the European Chi Neng Institute www.chineng.nl

I teach Chi Neng Qigong at my own practice space:

Boreelstraat 49a Rotterdam/Holland

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Be the Change you want to see in the world (Ghandi)

Be stronger than your excuse


When nothing goes right…go left!

Accepting your ilness is a proces which leads to tranquility which is the opposite of fear
Every human being is in a proces of transformation, change and learning. We are not static but fluit.


A Qigong teacher is not bound to a static form either; he or she is also in a constant proces of learning and adjustment.

Be Chi Neng

If you're ill and you aim to 'get better' you are projecting your healing proces into the future. Change your projection to the here and now and aim on being healthy instead of getting healthy.





(Marianne Williamson)