Who am I?

My name is Leen Steen. I am an instructor Chi Neng Qigong.

I learned to teach Chi Neng Qigong at the Chi Neng Institute.

I teach all 3 levels of Chi Neng Qigong. The levels open to the public that is; Chi Neng Qigong has 6 levels.

I've been teaching Chi Neng Qigong for about five years now after receiving my diploma for level 1 instructor in 2016. I passed for level 2 in september 2018 and for levl 3 in march 2021. 

Through these years I gained a dedicated group of students.

 I teach in my own practice space at Boreelstraat (Rotterdam Blijdorp). See the agenda for exact days and time schedules. 

"Practice Chi Neng Qigong at Mu-Long Qigong; "You'll definitely feel the benefits. By the intention during the practice, teaching and atmosphere in the group Chi energy starts streaming spontaneously from anywhere to all and to you. And that’s the revelation. Not just only a scoop"

experienced by Jeremy Erwin


After a long carrier in the music industry I decide to change course in 2012 and started practicing Chi Neng Qigong. From loud music to the gentle movements of Qigong!

My good friend André de Fretes introduced me to this meditative movement practice and he was my first teacher. André practiced Qigong in a small group of people consisting of mostly his family members. André came from a Molukkan family (island now part of Indonesia). This was my first introduction with a Chi field; a very strong Chi field I must add. The exercises did hit me like a proverbial freight train. After each lesson I felt quickened and vibrant and soon I started exercising at home too with the aid of the level 1 CD by Patricia van Walstijn.

Andre de Fretes (RIP)

 The more I trained, the more the effect of Chi Neng Qigong on my health grew. I suffered from a congenital heart disorder (a hole between the two heart chambers) and received surgery when I was 14 years old. After that I lived well for 25 years until the scar tissue in my heart started giving me problems which resulted in a chronic heart rhythm disorder.

I went to see my doctor in 1999 and he noted an heart rate of 185 bpm.  After that they gave me all kinds of medication: beta blockers (with gave me side effects worse than the ailment), Digoxine (too much will kill you!) and different kinds of treatments like cartdioversion (stopping the heart blasting it with an electric current followed by a restart) and Ablation (carving new scar tissue to stop the flow of electric signals from the brain going in circles around the heart causing multiple beats from a single signal).

All these treatments helped for about 6 months after which the problem  reoccurred.

Practicing Qigong didn’t make for a miraculous healing but after a few months of practice I could function properly again.  After starting practicing Qigong I got more in touch with my heart and I’m able to control it better and better. My overall stamina and leniency have grown enormously and mentally I also feel stronger and so much more in touch.

My trust in the exercises is growing without limit and I’m sure I’m only at the threshold of what Qigong can do for me. If there’s anything in this world that gives one a lust for life this is it!

Chi Neng Qigong doesn’t only have a strong effect on the body, but also on the mind and your emotions. By turning your focus inwards you get to know your body and mind better than ever and surprising insights hit you time and time again. Insights which at second thought are so familiar but you failed to see and hear earlier because of the endless noise one receives from the outside world nowadays.

It is often assumed that as a practitioner you first start working on a strong body after which the mind follows remotely. This is not really the case: with Qigong, the mind is strengthened at the same time as the body.

How else can it be: body and mind are one!         

 My practice room in Rotterdam: